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  19 OCTOBER 1999

10 of the best websites
by Elizabeth Stout

Every week we look at ten websites covering a particular topic. Today, it's the turn of web cams - those cameras which can show you the world from the comfort of your desktop...

Eilat Reef: An underwater camera with daily footage of dolphins at the Eilat Reef. The quality of the footage is first-class and you almost feel as if you are in the water with them.

Eastenders: Watch your favourite EastEnders characters rehearsing and filming in the famous square. A must for diehard fan, but the picture quality isn't great.

Earthcam: The definitive guide to the best web cameras in place all over the globe. You could spend hours watching live pictures from hundreds of destinations highlighted here.

San Diego Zoo: Join researchers at San Diego Zoo monitoring the development of the latest edition to their panda family.

California: Watch Californian sunshine glistening on San Francisco's famous Golden Gate bridge. The camera takes in the city's famous bay from the roof of a nearby building.

Ultimate Taxi: Jon Barnes has created a multimedia taxi that he drives around Aspen, Colorado. Join him to experience his laser gimmicks and archive shots of celebrities who have hailed him at one time or another.

Africam: Africam transports you to the plains of an African game reservation with the latest webcam technology. This site is packed with exotic wildlife and landscapes.

Goat cam: An amusing and completely useless webcam dedicated to a group of goats living in a barn.

Haunted Valley: Based in Glossop, Derbyshire, this webcam looks out over the skies of Longdendale, reported to be on of the UK's most active 'window areas' for paranormal phenomena.

Web cam setup: Ideal if you are thinking of setting up your own webcam. You can learn about the equipment and software to use.

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